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We have been given a great opportunity to serve our community alongside the people at Showfolks. 

They have provided us with space at their annual Christmas festival to host a free "chill, chat & craft" hospitality tent.  We will provide a free Christmas craft for children ages 3-10. We will also be providing an area for festival goers to have a seat, share a smile, and engage in some conversation while the children work on their crafts.  They can also take a break with some violin and guitar music and we'll offer some free bottles of water.  Not only that, we will provide an area for family/friends to

take a Christmas photo.

As people come into the tent, we will engage them in conversation, looking for opportunities to connect with people.  As the Holy Spirit opens doors, we will seek to pray and minister to people.  Our desire is

to create relational pathways for discipleship by serving and connecting with Showfolks and our

local community here in Sarasota.


There are two serve teams, which provide two very different ways to help!

The first is the CRAFT team, which will primarily serve by helping with the children in the craft area

of the tent.  The second is the CHAT or connection team, which will primarily serve by engaging

people in conversation and being sensitive for those opportunities to pray and to minister

if & when they arise. 

To learn more and see how you can help, fill out the connect form at the bottom of the page.

There is a chart of serve opportunity windows below so that you can see the times available.

You can serve as often as you would like.  Please indicate which times you would be available

when you fill in the contact form.  Lastly, to help us all serve well together, we ask that you watch

the four Video Playbook videos we've provided at the bottom of the page.  This is very important, and will help you to understand the philosophy, goals, methodology and guidelines of this outreach.

Thank you for your interest in serving!

Opportunities to Serve

Friday, Dec. 10

Craft Team

Chat Team

Saturday, Dec. 11

Craft Team

Chat Team

Sunday, Dec. 12

Craft Team

Chat Team


To join with us, please provide your desired availability


Email Address*




How did you hear about this event?*



Video Playbook #1

Video Playbook #2

Video Playbook #3

Video Playbook #4

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