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- If you were being completely honest, would you admit that you tend to feel guilt, fear, regret, or even terror when you hear sermons & teaching on The Great Commission?

- What if all that could change?

What if evangelism & discipleship could be the natural outflow of your daily life?

It can!

- What Christ-follower wouldn't want to know the joy of sharing Jesus with people naturally and organically?

- What pastor wouldn’t love to see the people under their care sharing the Gospel and making disciples as the natural, everyday outflow of their lives?

- Most people who claim the name of Christ are quick to acknowledge that the Church exists to expand the Kingdom of God in the Earth.

- If we're being truly honest with ourselves, we have to acknowledge that this is not actually happening in the lives of a vast majority of those who sit in our churches week after week, probably including ourselves.

In spite of the fact that the vast majority of those who attend church believe that the Bible commands us to witness, every study tells the exact same story. Personal evangelism and discipleship is not only not a reality for most Christians, it is a rarity.

According to a study by Lifeway Research, nearly 80% of professing Christians state that they have not personally shared their faith with anyone in last 12 months.  Only 10% stated they had shared their faith with someone in the last 6 months. *


Magician and self-proclaimed atheist, Penn Jillette, reportedly once posed a challenging question to Christians who don’t share their faith with others: “How much do you have to hate somebody to believe everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?”


So what is Live Sent, and how will

hosting a Live Sent Weekend help?


Live S​ent is a series of interactive workshops which inspire, equip and empower Christians, who may struggle to see themselves as evangelists or disciple-makers, to live organically and intentionally, as the sent people of God.

  • Imagine everyday "average" Christians reaching out and making disciples, who make disciples, as the natural outflow of their daily lives!
  • Imagine your church reaching into every neighborhood and network represented in your congregation.
  • Imagine an outreach program with the potential to transform entire neighborhoods, and it doesn’t require a budget, because it isn't even a program.
Live Sent is not scripture memorization or a memorized presentation.
  • Live Sent is an interactive workshop, with 3-4 sessions followed by a commissioning service, which can be set up to fit your context, your facilities and your needs.
  • Rather than learning what to do and how to do it, participants of a Live Sent Weekend will experience a shift in how they see themselves, the people they come in contact with, their role in the Kingdom, and how natural it can be to live as the sent people of God!  A Live Sent Weekend will instill a heart and passion to personally, intentionally and organically reach and disciple those in their neighborhoods and networks with a different perspective and an intentional strategy they can utilize immediately.
  • Live Sent is about being the Church to those who are church-resistant; those who are highly  unlikely to visit our churches.

Live Sent is about mobilizing a missionary movement; ordinary people living like Jesus here and now; lives with greater Gospel intentionality and Gospel fluency at work in them.

At the conclusion of a Live Sent workshop:

  • your people will begin to understand what it means and what it looks like to hear God and to live in response to His leading. 
  • they will understand that they are missionaries in their local community and will walk away with an intentional strategy. 
  • they will have a different understanding of what evangelism is and isn’t. 
  • they will redefine discipleship and see how they can personally make disciples.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to LIVE SENT!


Don't just take our word for it!

We invited David and Vicki Elliott to our church, not knowing what to expect. We met them at a ministry gathering and instantly felt connected to them. We trusted that connection between us was from God and invited them to our church for a Live Sent Weekend. We are so thankful that we did! 

David and Vicki are both excellent communicators. They have taken the concept of living out the great commission and have made it easy to apply and live out in our modern culture. I believe that what they teach is true revelation and applicable to Christians, new and old. Their outlook on reaching the world for Christ is inspiring and has motivated many in our congregation to step out of their traditional ideals of evangelism. 

If you are thinking of having them come to your church, DO IT! We are planning to have them back soon to . . . continue mentoring our congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They are indeed a blessing.

Pastor Parker and Starla Darnell

Alive Church

After attending a recent Live Sent Workshop I was inspired to try and be more alert to the interests of those around me, especially those I had struggled to connect with and share my faith. As a result I now have regular game nights in my home, intentionally inviting unsaved coworkers and neighbors. Who ever knew that something as simple as a game of Scrabble could open the door for ministry?!  

I am so glad our church hosted a LIVE Sent weekend!

Judy Skelton

Recent LIVE Sent attendee

Live sent has been a “God send” hearing David and Vicki speak about their passion for loving and reaching the lost is contagious. 

I love the simplicity yet power in the model they share and the way they share it! Building relationships with our neighbors has been so rewarding and so reachable. It isn’t a chore or “to-do” list. It’s just organic, genuine relationships and by doing so God receives the glory and the kingdom grows!

Melissa Van Hoven

Outreach/Youth - Suncoast Church

Dear Pastor,

Do you struggle with getting your people to embrace their calling to the Great Commission? If so, you are not alone. As a minister I attest that the challenge is real. Our church folks are good people but they struggle with how best to confidently and effectively ‘be witnesses’. This is why I whole heartedly recommend a ‘Live Sent’ event with David and Vicki Elliott.

Having served as pastors for multiple years they can definitely relate to the challenges you and I face while bringing a refreshing biblical approach to ‘being witnesses.’ David + Vicki are great motivators. They have contagious faith and bring so much energy and excitement to those in attendance. Their teaching is scripturally founded and Sprit led. They give multiple, personal examples of how they are ‘living-sent’ and how we can too!

By the end of the weekend your people will not only feel encouraged, comfortable and capable of sharing their faith in practical, effective ways; they will also feel personally empowered to do so! This means your people will begin to intentionally reach out to their neighbors and co-workers with the heart of the Father.  You will also experience the benefits of their loving service as they represent Christ wherever they daily find themselves.

Not only does ‘Live-Sent’ translate into souls won for the kingdom, but your people practically apply God’s word as they go - wherever they go – making disciples, not only of themselves, but of others! In my book, that’s a win-win!

Rev. Tim Suddreth

Lead Pastor, Suncoast Church​

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