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We are a movement

We are a network of reproducible missional discipleship communities learning to live by fully engaging in three relational environments...

  • Upward, with our Creator, whom we live for. 
  • Inward, with a community of disciples whom we live near. 
  • Outward, with the culture we live in. 

So... what does that mean?

We are a


On the remnants of the Berlin wall is an inscription. "Many small people doing many small things in many small places can change the world." We believe the message of the Gospel is absolutely transformative. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is not an organization of man. It is the transformative power of the Gospel expanding corporately as individuals are transformed into the image of Jesus, by His work in our lives, and vice versa. The Kingdom of God is a movement. We are the Kingdom of God.

We are a


Artisan is loosely connected small groups of Christ-followers, networked together to raise up and release disciples. It is not a location and is not defined geographically. Our starting point is West Central Florida but our network impact is global. Our network extends as we make disciples of Jesus and send them out.

We are


Because a movement grows by multiplication, the discipleship process must be easily reproducible. Reproducibility reveals the veracity and integrity of a process. Our desire is to see Artisan reproduced, without the need for titles or degrees, but totally dependent on the work of Holy Spirit within a community of submitted Christ followers. A network's ability to be easily reproduced determines its potential. 

We are


In a world that increasingly lives life by default or resignation, we live life "on purpose." We are intentionally about the Father's business. Jesus said "I do what the Father says to do and I say what the Father says." Jesus was sent by the Father. He came to lead us back to the Father. We are sent to do the same. We are intentionally on His mission. 

We are


Disciples are learner-followers. We learn from His example, from His Word, and from the community of the disciples that we are growing alongside. We stay close because proximity matters. We are changed in proximity. We are intentional about following Him together.  

We are


The concept of "with" is powerful. Life happens best in community with each other. Jesus modeled this walking day by day, walking with His disciples, dialoguing through growth and changes. Community is the context of discipleship. It is the lab where we live into the reality of the Gospel.

So, is Artisan a commune?  

Do you live together?

The short answer is no.

While we are doing life together, we believe each of us are strategically positioned in the neighborhoods and networks God places us in.  With our lives, we actively engage those Jesus died for; those He has placed each of us in proximity with.  

We are a community of Christ-followers, who are...

  • committed to living lives that are radically reoriented around the Gospel of Jesus
  • committed to each other
  • committed to intentionally and organically bringing the Kingdom of God to bear in each of our individual neighborhoods and networks
  • committed to making disciple-makers in a relational environment

This happens as we walk life together, growing together in righteousness by intentionally creating environments for instruction, apprenticeship and immersion, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and informed by scripture.

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