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Artisan exists to make disciples who make disciples.​

We are an initiative; a response to a clear mandate...


Make Disciples.

One mandate. 

Two imperatives.


  • 90% of Americans living in metro areas are unchurched.
  • Of that 90%, 40% still see the validity of the church* and 60% see no validity for the organized church.
  • That means in a city of 1 million people, 540,000 will not attend a church.
THIS is our mission field!

We make disciples who make disciples. 


Who are we called to?

  • People who tend to think and see things unconventionally.
  • People who tend to resist the institutional for the more organic
  • People who generally tend to be part of the blue ocean of the 60%, which are church-averse, and are unlikely to walk into our churches.
  • People who have never seen or heard that the Gospel is actually Good News!
  • People who, because of, and through their creativity, are influencing culture.
  • Where once art reflected life, life is now reflecting art.
  • We are reaching into an under-reached & under-served subculture.
  • This is a subculture that is influencing mainstream culture and tomorrow's consciousness.
These are people dying to hear the Good News!

Make Disciples.

  • We believe Jesus' method to make disciples is the best method to make disciples.
  • So what was Jesus' method?
  • Jesus made disciples by applying supernatural principles in the natural context of walking life with them.  Relational Discipleship.

*Book "On the Verge" by A. Hirsch and D. Ferguson 

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